Save 25% on HWedges Today

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Save 25% on HWedge
Buy a set or a single loft


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HWedge is a brand of hybrid wedges that is available in multiple lofts. In this video Mike Billingsley of Golf Life invites average golfers to test out these hybrid wedges. This new wedge design places the face forward so that the hosel is back, eliminating shanks. The HWedge also has an oval face with USGA approved grooves, so the golfer will gain consistent contact with the large face and sweet spot.

As you see in this video, average golfers are able to hit normal approach shots with hybrid wedges off many difficult lies in rough and sand.  The shots are high with spin into the greens, allowing the ball to land softly and stop closer to the pin more consistently.  Because of the sole design of the hybrid wedges, you will notice how easily he is able to chip a ball onto the green out of the rough.  You will note in the video that the players set up straight at the pin on sand shots, making it much easier to aim at his target and hit the ball onto the green.

Currently, HWedge is offering a  savings of 25% of retail price if you use our code.  Please enter your information in the form on this page and we will provide you with a code to order any of the new hybrid wedges.  If you are ready to start hitting better shots into greens, while getting out of the bunkers and rough with ease, maybe its time to try an HWedge.  FILL FORM TO RIGHT AND GAIN DISCOUNT NOW.

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