Bender Gloves Review

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Bender Gloves: Making Golf Colorful

To the average person, golf could be labeled as “boring”. Every time you go out to the course or watch golf on T.V. all you see are white gloves, a solid polo, and khaki pants. Bender Gloves is a company that offers more color options in the golf apparel and golf accessory business. Seeing a white glove is the norm. Why not have a golf glove that matches your shirt, pants, or hat? Bender Gloves prides themselves with a concept that is “bold and different”. Having a bit of an attitude is a perfect way to describe the business and the product. Bender sent Golf Life a couple of gloves to try out and review, so here we go!

First of all, given the company name, Bender Gloves specializes in golf gloves. They have two different styles of gloves. You have a synthetic glove and a spandex glove. The synthetic glove is made with the very best leather and synthetic material! Synthetic material is what 90% of golf gloves are made of. But Bender Gloves sets themselves apart from everyone else with their color options. From black to bright pink, they have all the colors and styles to choose from if you are adamant about a synthetic material. On the other hand, they have the spandex golf glove. These golf gloves are made with stretchy spandex material. Each glove is extremely comfortable and very breathable. They also have some wacky designs from the spandex glove such as an American Flag design or a Hunting Camo design. If you go check out their website,, you are sure to find something that fits your Golf Life!

Blue Bender Gloves American Flag Bender Gloves

Bender Gloves is not just a glove company. They also have creative designs for arm sleeves, belts, and apparel. If a person was smart they would match their clothing, accessories, and gloves. Golf needs companies like this to keep thing interesting! The next time you are in a golf league or a charity tournament, get these gloves and accessories to deck out your team! I can guarantee that the next time you hit the course wearing a Bender Glove, you will get a compliment! That is the name of the game. Fell Good. Look Good. Play Good. At least that is what we believe.

Bender Gloves Hats Bender Glove Belt Bender Gloves arm sleeve

Check out the video above to learn more about these gloves and accessories. They are colorful, stylish and comfortable. What more could you ask for from a golf glove! Get yours today!


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