The Side-Saddle Putting Technique

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“Side-Saddle” Putting Might Be The Future Of Putting… Probably Not

Bryson DeChambeau Side-Saddle putting

There have been plenty of people in the world in golf who try to re-invent the wheel. This time, PGA Tour wierdo, Bryson DeChambeau is trying to recreate the putting stroke by bringing back the “Side-Saddle” putting stroke. Bryson has been notorious, since hitting the big stage in 2016, of doing things his way and not swaying with the herd. Having a very classic golf swing and wearing those golf caps, while wearing Puma clothing, is very confusing, but I guess it is working for him.

If you have never heard of side-saddle putting, you are not alone. Here at Golf Life we talk to a lot of different PGA Tour Pros and Coaches and the world “side-saddle” has never hit the tip of their tongue. Basically, while putting you are facing the hole and golf ball is at the side of your feet. The only thing that comes to mind when you describe this putting stroke is doing the granny shot in basketball.

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via Golf Digest:

“I’m the one that’s used to being not normal,” DeChambeau said.
“It’s in development now,” DeChambeau told Golf Digest’s Tim Rosaforte. “I think it’s an easier way to putt and could be another game-changer like the one-length [irons].”
DeChambeau has toyed with side-saddle in the past, including in a college tournament, the Jones Cup, in which he had the lead going into the final day. At the time, however, he said he didn’t have the proper-length putter for it. Side-saddle has been used only sparingly at the game’s highest level. K.J. Choi toyed with it for a few tournaments in 2010, and Sam Snead used it at the end of his career — this after his initial method of putting croquet-style with the ball between his legs, was declared illegal.

For those who have trouble with putting, or have the dreaded yips, this putting stroke might actually help you. But the people who are trying to use this putting stroke are people who win millions of dollars because they are very good at golf. DeChambeau plans on using the side-saddle putting stroke in 2017. Imagine if he wins a couple of tournaments! What if he won a Major Championship with this putting style? The golfing world would turn upside down and loose its mind. I would even bet, that if he wins a couple of tournaments, every pro on tour would consider this stroke and it would alter the golfing world as we know it!

Maybe, if he wins, Tiger can adopt the side-saddle putting stoke! OH WAIT…That dude is washed up! Nothing is going to help him be good again!


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