CrocBox: The Sports Net System

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CrocBox: The Durable Golf Net System


Pop-up sporting nets have been around for a few years now. You use them to practice your particular sport, whether it is golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, or soccer. The problem with these pop-up sports nets are they are too complicated, too flimsy, or don’t have the structure system to last for a long time. CrocBox and have developed a very unique and convenient device that is simple to use, strong enough to withstand many high-speed impacts, and can be stored underground to keep it safe from the elements. CrocBox sent Golf Life a box for review and we loved it!

So, what is CrocBox? CrocBox is an all-in-one commercial or residential sports net that can be assembled in seconds. With it being water resistant and oversized, this net system is perfect for your practicing needs for any sport.  The concept is simple. All you do is dig a hole in your yard, place the CrocBox in the hole, assemble the net system and start practicing. The box itself weighs about 75 LBS so it’s not something that you want to be moving every week. This is a product where you “set it and forget it.” Meaning once it is in one place, it’s best if you don’t move it. The net can extend up to 7 feet high and 10 feet wide. Once you are done practicing, simply fold the net back down into the box, close the lid and lock it. With the locking system on top of the box, it prevents vandalism and keeps the weather elements out of the box (rain, snow or leafs). When you are not using the net, you barely know it is there. It sits level with the ground when the box is closed so you are able to mow over it when cutting your grass.

This box is super convenient for those golf enthusiast who enjoy practicing. Use this net as a warm up before a round, after a round of golf, or in-between golf rounds.  Check out our video above to learn more about this amazing net system. You can now get better at golf in your very own backyard. Get yours today and find out why so many people are loving the CrocBox!