The Most Important Stretch In Golf (MISIG)

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MISIG: The Most Important Stretch In Golf

MISIG, otherwise known as the Most Important Stretch In Golf, is the newest product to reach the golf training aid platform. This MISIG was founded by a Bernie Fay, a resident of Des Plaines, IL. His life is built on four values; faith, family, GOLF, and fishing. His love for golf is what ultimately sparked the idea of this device. This device is a simple swing training aid and a fitness aid built into one. It can help your golf game in many ways like strengthening your back and shoulder muscles,  increasing your flexibility in your backswing and through swing, and it can give you the best stretch you have ever felt in your life to your shoulders and back.

The MISIG comes with a velcro arm-band that is placed right above your lead arm elbow. You can attach one of three different lengths and strengths of resistant bands from the arm-band to the pole. From there, all you have to do is act as if you were swinging and you will feel something you have never felt before; a great stretch.

MISIG Stretch

You can use the MISIG in your pre-round routine, in your basement, house, or backyard, on the range, and on the course. This device can fit right into your golf bag along with the rest of your clubs. It really is a great idea when you think about all the different things it can be used for. If you have having problems with distance, use the MISIG to strengthen your swing. If you are having problems with rotations, use this to get more flexible. If you having problems with attack angles or swing path, use this device to create muscle memory. It is something that truly works and it can help your golf game in many different ways.

Check out the video above to learn more about the MISIG and how it can help you. If you want to order one for yourself, go to Try it out and see the progress you will make in your golf swing in just a few days.



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