Advice From The PGA Tour

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Advice From PGA Tour Players

Golf can be the greatest game in the world or the worst. Golf is one of those games where you hit 1 good shot out of 100 and it makes you want to come back and play more, even though you are bound to hit 100 more bad shots. But, when you get up to the PGA Tour, every player can do just about everything with ease. It’s almost like watching a bunch of robots playing golf every weekend. But what sets the best apart from the rest of the field each weekend? It comes down to three things; putting, game management and focus. Nobody has their best golf game every week, so whoever has the best putting game, game management and focus will probably find themselves at the top of the leaderboard. Golf Life caught up with several different PGA Tour golfers to learn how difficult it is to win on the PGA Tour any given week.

The first is putting. If you can’t putt, you won’t win. It’s that simple. For amateur golfers, putting starts on the 2nd hole. Get warmed up on the first green, learn the speed of the green and eventually three-putt. That is not how it works on the PGA Tour. These guys practice and practice, and then practice some more on the putting green before and after their round. They are all in search of finding the right putting stroke with the right distance check on each putt. That is how they are successful. That is how they make millions each week. They simply make the putts they are suppose to make and then two-putt the long ones.  It can be challenging to be good at putting if you are consistently 30 feet from the cup. That is where game management comes into play.

Game management is the second aspect to separating yourself from the pack on the PGA Tour. It starts with knowing your course. If you know where the traps are and the distances from any spot on the course, you already have an upper hand. The other aspect to game management is navigating the Par 5’s. If you score a high number on Par 5’s, it’s like death to a PGA Tour golfer. But in order to score low numbers on the Par 5’s, you have to put yourself in good situations to be successful. Keeping the ball in the fairway, being smart with club choice and putting the approach in a makable putt situation. But in order to be successful at game management, you have to stay focus for 18 straight holes. That is where focus comes into play.

Like we said in the beginning, you are going to hit bad shots when playing golf. It is the ability to overcome those obstacles and move on. knowing that you have to hit another shot 2 minutes after hitting a bad shot can be brutal on a golfer’s confidence. You have to stay focused and worry about the shot you are on. If you start looking back on the last shot or forward to future shots, your focus is gone and the chances of you being successful just diminished.

Check out the video above to learn more about what it means to be a PGA Tour golfer and how they separate themselves from the pack each and every week!