A Look Inside The PING Headquarters

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A Look Inside The PING Headquarters

In 1959 Karsten Solheim invented the PING putter in his hometown of Redwood City, CA. At that point in time PING was just merely a putter company. Two years later, Solheim and his family moved to Phoenix, AZ to start his life as a golf club designer. By 1970, the Solheim’s went on the world tour to spread the word about PING. By 1982, PING has released their iron called the PING EYE2. This iron had numerous improvements to the EYE and it took the golfing world by storm becoming the most used and best-selling iron in golf. From there, the rest is history. Golf Life had the opportunity to look inside the PING Headquarters. We see how your custom clubs are built from start to finish and we get to look inside the infamous PING Golf Putter Vault.

The process of making custom clubs looks easy on camera, but on paper there are a lot of people and moving parts that go into making a single set of irons. If you don’t know already, every iron made is custom built to fit your golf game and body type. The first thing they do is set a “Birth Certificate” for your irons. This sheet of paper tells the workers everything they need to know in order to make your custom clubs. This sheet of paper is also one of a kind. Your set of irons, based on the “Birth Certificate” is different than any other “Birth Certificate” from another person. You have your own ID. That ID is one of a kind! From start to finish, Golf life goes step-by-step to show you how custom irons are built.

On another note, PING is famously known for their success on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and LPGA Tour. The Golf Putter Vault is a vault with 100’s of different golf putters in it. How do you get a putter in the Golf Putter Vault? You have to win a tournament on the PGA, Champions or LPGA Tour using a putter. If you ever get a chance to experience the Golf Putter Vault, don’t take it for granted! It is one of the coolest things you will witness, if you truly are a golf fan. You will see Bubba Watsons’ putter he won at the Masters in 2012 or John Barnums’ putter from the 1962 Cajon Classic.

Check out the video above to learn more about PING and everything they stand for!


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