Swing Tip To Become A More Athletic Golfer

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Swing Tip With Marjorie Jones

Marjorie Jones is the head professional at the beautiful Chelsea Piers Golf Academy in New York! Golf Life got a one-on-one swing tip from Jones while we were in New York. In this particular situation, the student was an ex-baseball player. Marjorie Jones breaks down his swing and finds a solutions to the problem so he can become a more athletic golfer.

Too many times, teaching professionals see golfers who are athletic. Very rarely do they see athletic golfers. In this segment, Jones sees a problem in an ex-baseball players swing. Golf is not like hitting, it is a lot more like throwing a baseball. We want the club and your body to go straight toward the target. If your club and/or body are pointing in a different direction than your target, your ball will go right or left.

All you have to do is start small. Start with a few small swings, making sure your club and body are going toward the target. Then, you can move into full swings making sure everything is going in the right direction. Marjorie Jones breaks down what this looks like in this swing tip. We all want to be athletic, but why not be an athletic golfer instead of an athletic person? Check out the full tip above!