BioMech AccuLock Ace Putter Video Review

BioMech Sports: Bringing Science to Putting

If you’re a serious golfer, like me, you probably have a garage full of goofy looking old putters. Mine provides almost a timeline of my putting struggles throughout the years. It seems like there’s always some new gimmick out there that lays claim to shaving (unrealistic number) of strokes off your score. I have so many of these things that I’ve actually started an ugly putter collection, so when I got my hands on the BioMech Sports AccuLock ACE putter, I was ecstatic to put it to the test.

The AccuLock ACE is very well built and it’s clear that a lot of work has gone into making it. However, it is, for lack of a better word, strange. It’s square, the shaft is in the back and there’s weird hole in the middle, but all of this, BioMech Sports claims, is because of some serious science behind it.

First, this is an arm lock putter. You’ve probably heard of this, as it’s grown in popularity with the anchoring ban. The putter has an extended shaft that is angled toward the lead arm and is designed to be pressed against the lead forearm. Beyond the arm lock shaft, the unique styling of the AccuLock combines to minimize hand, wrist, arm and shoulder movement in the putting stroke. I took the AccuLock and my everyday gamer (a Low Tide Whale Tail) to my local practice center and tested them head to head.

I found that most of the claims about movement and alignment were true in my case. I had a smooth, repeatable stroke that worked out pretty well. On long lag putts, my dispersion was tight and my misses actually tended to be less severe than with my gamer. While I had very good results on long putts, I found that I wasn’t making as many putts inside 20’, which is about the point where my mindset goes from “lag it” to “make it.” However, I still had less severe misses and usually a gimmie coming back.

Now, having said all that, I did have one major issue with this putter. I just couldn’t get over the discomfort of the arm lock stroke. It’s a very foreign feeling, and for me, when it comes to putting, that’s somewhat of a deal breaker. I’m a feel putter, and when I have to think about something in my stroke, it doesn’t usually end well for me. I hit over 100 putts with the AccuLock, and unfortunately, that discomfort never really went away.

So the AccuLock isn’t for me, but I’m very reticent to call it a gimmick. I had good results, and I suspect that most other people will as well. So I guess I’ll put it like this; if you tend to be a tinkerer, or are coming from a long putter, you’re probably going to like this one. If you tend to be more traditional, I suspect you’ll have a similar experience to mine. If you want to give it a whirl, the BioMech AccuLock ACE comes in either Black or Blue and retails for $279.99. It’s available at the BioMech website , but be sure to check the size chart and get the correct length to ensure a proper fit.

Bryan McLean

Golf Life Contributor