Mike Malaska Putting Grip Tip

Mike Malaska: The Art of the Putter Grip

How many of us have figured out that we have a dominant finger? A dominant finger is your “directional finger.” This finger is what you use to throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, or toss a tennis ball in the air. What we do know is that your directional finger is either your right pointer finger or your left pointer finger. It is not the same for every person. We have all met those people who throw and write with their left hand, but swing a golf club right handed. Mike Malaska, a Top Teacher, shows us just how to find your directional finger and why it is important in your putting grip.

Mike Malaska wasn’t aware of this when he was growing up, but he instinctively did it. That was until he started taking golf lessons and they changed his putting grip. If you put your directional finger into play, so it knows where the putter goes, you will have a lot more control over your putter face. How do we find it? If you look straight ahead and you have someone to your side and they lift a hand up, your directional finger will point straight to the hand. If you tried this with your non directional finger, you will miss the hand.

This will ultimately help you in controlling your putter face through impact. Check out the video above to learn more about the science behind the putter grip. If you liked this golf tip, check out Mike Malaska’s Swing Tip!