Flat Cat Grips

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Flat Cat Grips: Square The Club Face

Flat Cat Grips

Putter grips are a weird market segment. A standard size putter grip was about all you would see in golf. Yes, you would see the occasional classic wrap or oddball gimmick but for the most part it was standard size and shape. It wasn’t until about 2010 when SuperStroke took off that the market really started to develop. A new entrant to the space of game improvement grips is Flat Cat Grips. Touting some new technology and big time endorsements, Flat Cat Grips is making a splash in a now full space.

I was a little surprised to see a name like Hank Haney extolling the virtues of the Flat Cat when the product first arrived, as the company appears to be very new. My box contained one of each size, ranging from a fairly narrow “Slim”, all the way to the gargantuan “Big Boy”. I ended up sticking the “Standard” on my brand new Low Tide Whale Tail. It clocks in 1.37”x1.02” with a weight of 68 grams. As you can tell from the dimensions, the grip is not round like most of the newer “non-tapered” competitors.

Flat Cat Grips on the ground

Flat Cat Grips Sizes

Slim model: 1.09” high x .92” wide x 12.2” long and weighing 45 grams
Standard model: 1.37” high x 1.02” wide x 12.2” long and weighing 68 grams
Fat model: 1.50” high x 1.14” wide x 12.2” long and weighing 85 grams
Big Boy model: 1.68” high x 1.26” wide x 12.2” long and weighing 104 grams

The Flat Cat is…well, it’s flat. The grip is an ovular shape with two flat sides that are designed to be aligned with the face of your putter. The general idea is that the palm of your hands will sit flush on the flat parts of the grip and align your putter face to your target line. The grip is designed to square your shoulders, hands and feet to the intended target line, allowing you to make more putts from various distances.

Flat Cat Grips Set


I have been using the Flat Cat Grip for a couple of weeks now and have numerous rounds under my belt along with practice sessions both indoors and outdoors. I feel like the technology and design of this grip greatly helps the golfer keep the putter face square to the target at the moment of impact. When you first pick up your putter and rest it in your hands there is no searching around or adjusting needed to make sure you are squared up. The feel of the grip is slightly of the softer side which allows the golfer to keep a very light grip pressure, which is a key to having a smooth stroke. “Tension in a putting stroke is very bad” The surface of the grip is smooth in texture with just a slight amount of tact to it. I would attribute my good experience more to the confidence I felt with the Flat Cat in my hands as opposed to the alignment aspect of it, but the technology itself definitely alters the way you approach and feel shots with the club in your hand. If you struggle with the putter or you haven’t found a larger putter grip that suits you, give the Flat Cat Grips a try. We give them a very high rating for technology, feel and comfort. At the very least, it provides a fresh experience and a reboot of your putting stroke. At best it will help keep you on target and allow you to sink more putts.They are currently running contest on their social media sites for a free grip and to have Mr. Haney evaluate and come up with improvements to your putting stroke, after you send them a video. Be sure to check out Flat Cat Grips on all of their social media sites,  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as their website flatcatgolf.com.

Bryan McLean

Golf Life Contributor