tasc Performance Apparel

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tasc Performance: Enhancing Original Fabrics

Tasc Performance

First of all, at Golf Life, we like to get the story behind each and every company we work with. How did they get started? Where are they from? What is their purpose? Most of time you are able to tell if a company will be a bust or a success just from the back story. For tasc Performance, their back story tells you everything you need to know about their clothing!

tasc Performance History

Tasc Performance owners

tasc Performance has been a leader in the reinvention of performance apparel. The clothing industry is one of the most competitive and grueling industries to live in. Here at Golf Life you have probably noticed that we get a lot of golf clothing apparel to review. One thing we can say for those clothing companies is that, for the most part, everybody has the same technology and fabrics, they just say it in different ways. Well, we can truly say that tasc Performance is a company that is different, unique and innovative. 2009 was when tasc Performance was created. Their guiding principles are to be AUTHENTIC. They are a family company based on core values and principles. They are EXPERIENCED. They bring 68 years in the textile, garment design and manufacturing industries. They are INNOVATIVE. Their BamCO patent-pending fabric allows them to be one of a kind. And they are ORIGINAL. The owners come from New Orleans and they do everything “to the beat of their own brass band.” They are going against the norm of polyester fabrics or cotton fabrics, and moving to a more “all-natural” fabric; BAMBOO!

 tasc Performance Clothing

At tasc Performance their main goal is to have comfortable, tight knit, quality crafted clothing. Their experiences have led them away from polyester and cotton fabrics. Why? Those polyester and cotton fabrics tend to not perform under different conditions, they irritate the skin and retained the odor. But bamboo is a fabric that feels better than cotton and performs like polyester without the skin irritation. tasc Performance sent us a blue golf polo and grey shorts for review, so here we go.


Tasc Performance Polo

Just as we mentioned earlier, tasc is a company that prides themselves on comfort. This polo is specifically designed to keep you comfortable on the golf course and off the golf course. The BamCo fabric allows for the moisture to be wicked away and odor to be non-existent. It does however have a natural built-in UPF 50+ protection to the polo! OUR EXPERIENCE: We took the Bamboo Polo to sunny California in the middle of the summer and it performed like they said it would.

  • It wasn’t heavy
  • Kept you cool
  • The polo was extremely comfortable; it laid nicely
  • The blue was a color that played well with other colors


Tasc Performance Shorts

These shorts were great. They look like a golf short, but feel like a board short. We think that is exactly what tasc wanted us to feel. The extreme comfort of feeling like a board short, but the respect of being a golf short was the perfect combination. How many golf shorts do you know of that you can play a round of golf in and then hit the beach and get them wet? Not many. These shorts a quick dry which means they are extremely water resistant. This plays well with golfers because anything in your pockets will remain dry during intense activity! OUR EXPERIENCE: We took the shorts to sunny California in the middle of the summer and it performed like they said it would.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Water resistant
  • Great color to go with the blue polo

tasc performance bamboo polo tasc performance bamboo polo red heather

The Rest of tasc Performance

tasc sent us a men’s polo and a men’s short. In the men’s category they have some other awesome options to choose from. They have short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, outerwear, base layer clothing, hats and a bunch of crazy cool items. All of which are made with BamCo! On the flip side, they have a great selection of women’s attire. The women’s side has some of the same items as the men, just a lot more options. From outerwear to base layer, from tanks to rompers, from sports bras to scarfs, tasc has some amazing items to choose from. All of which are, again, amazingly comfortable!

tasc performance women's long sleeve tasc peformance women's yellow tasc performance women's shirt


Golf Life loves to bring you unique, fun and innovative products to help your golf life. tasc Performance is a great company, with great people and a great product. Our overall thoughts is that they make some great clothing. The innovative take on bamboo is something a lot of people should be looking into. They seem to be doing something right because, in our experience, it is hard to find a polo or shorts that are extremely comfortable and can handle the extreme conditions. We give tasc Performance a A for their men’s clothing. We didn’t try the women’s clothing but we can assume they are just as good! To see more about this company, check out their website at tascperformance.com




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