Dave Pelz And The 3 Foot Putting Circle

Dave Pelz 3 Foot Putting Tip w/ Putting Tutor

Dave Pelz is a legendary golf teacher that has taught many professionals on tour today. Many of those professionals on tour who have exceptional short games have worked with Dave Pelz. In this golf tip, Pelz teaches us how to be more consistent with the 3 foot putts by using different training aids.

To start, Dave Pelz lines up 10 golf balls around the cup at 3 feet. He challenges each and every one of you to see if you can make 10 in a row. Pelz claims that Mickelson can make 100 in a row, but I would like to see that done. By placing each ball 3 feet from cup and draining them will help with keeping your putter head square through impact and ultimately allowing your putting stoke to be more consistent!

Dave Pelz also uses two training aids to help with this. The first is the Putting Tutor. This training aid has a white line with two marbles at the end. If you are hitting the marbles on the end with the golf ball, it means you are coming inside out or outside in with your putting stroke. If you hit the ball through the marbles, it means you stoke is straight. It is a great tool that Pelz uses to confirm that his stroke is on point. The second is the “O” Ball. The “O” Ball has two distinctive red lines around the golf ball. If you hit this golf ball and the lines are going all over the place, rather than straight, it means you are putting spin on your ball.

Dave Pelz is the short game guru, so he knows what he is talking about. Check out this golf tip and be more confident with the 3 foot putts!