Custom Head Covers For Golf

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Custom Head Covers: Fun and Unique Golf Gifts

Here at Golf Life we love showing our viewers different products in the golf industry that are fun and unique for your specific golf life! We came across a golf company that creates custom head covers for your golf clubs! I had the opportunity to get a custom made head cover for my driver and I was not disappointed! Nowadays there are plenty of different styles and manufactures of custom head covers that you can choose from, but most of those custom head covers are made in mass production or not personalized; they’re not unique.  What’s unique about this company is that you can get a head cover of anything you want. You can get one of your favorite pet, a portrait of yourself, or a fun personalized head cover! In my particular situation, I thought it would be fun to get a portrait of myself done! Yes, I wanted a driver cover that looked exactly like me! The folks over at were able to capture my vision very nicely with amazing craftsmanship and respect!

Custom head covers bag

The Making Of My Custom Head Cover

When you are new to the “portrait golf head cover” game, it can be a bit intimidating because it requires someone (other than yourself) to create a mimi-you! But when it is all said and done, it is actually a very cool and easy experience! Andreana (my custom head cover maker) was amazing to work with throughout the whole process and I was involved in the project from start to finish! Here is a step by step overview of how easy it was to get my head cover made!

  • Pick your Custom Head covers: The first step in making your custom head cover to to choose what kind of head cover you want. Do you want a custom head cover of your favorite pet, a portrait of yourself or somebody else or a fun personalized head cover?
  • Get Your Ideas To The Professional: After figuring out what kind of head cover you want, contact Andreana with HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES of the model. I sent Andreana three images of my face in with various angles she can reference.
  • Get The Details Worked Out: Andreana allowed me to share my ideas of what I wanted to her. I wanted to keep my beard, I wanted my blue eyes to show and I wanted a blue backwards hat on my head! THATS ALL I TOLD HER!
  • Get The Sketches: After giving Andreana my ideas, she created a sketch of what the head cover will look like! (It took her 1 day to complete the sketch!) She sends the sketch to you for your comments and approval. I will be honest, this part was very weird and awkward because I had never had a portrait of myself done before! It was a little weird looking at myself, but I have to tell you, she was spot on with the sketch!

Custom head covers sketches

  • Let the Building Commence: Depending on the materials that are needed, it takes about 2 days for the head cover to be built! From there, Andreana sends you an email of the finished product to get your approval and comments. She will make changes if you request changes, but chances are the head cover will be more than you expected!

My Final Thoughts

Custom head cover reserve

The one thing that I love about this company is the time it took to complete my head cover. It took 4 days for a fully-customized head cover to be completed which is an awesome turnaround! Products like these can be used for a lot of different situations and holidays. You can give something like this for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas ect.. and it would be a very fun and unique gift! The craftsmanship and respect was above and beyond when creating this masterpiece! I was truly involved from beginning to end and was given the opportunity to comment and change things that I didn’t necessarily like, but I really didn’t have many changes! I have had my custom head cover for about 2 weeks now and every time I go to the golf course either my friends or strangers are saying something about my head cover! It is creating a huge buzz within my golf community! They LOVE it and think it is hilarious which, to some degree, is kinda the point of the head cover! Traveling with Golf Life, we get to go to some very nice golf courses around the nation and PGA Professionals and Top Teachers were amazed with the craftsmanship! I encourage you to check out Fun and Unique Golf Gifts Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see all of the custom head covers that have been made over the years! And if you want to get get ahold of Andreana, check her out here! I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome of your custom head cover!



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