TactiCool Golf Bags “BAMF” Review

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TactiCool Golf Bags: “BAMF”

TactiCool Golf Bags

I’ve reviewed a lot of products over the past few years. Some have been pretty good, others have been kind of lame. What they all have in common is that none of them have really brought anything truly innovative to the table. None of them ever really made me say “wow!” So when I got the chance to review a new golf bag, I honestly wasn’t super excited. That’s not to say that I didn’t think it would be good, but I honestly wondered what they could really bring into a golf bag that has been particularly dominated by a select few large companies.

When I first talked with Jake, the Chief Brand Officer at TactiCool Golf Bags, I pretty quickly changed my tune. He was sharp, he was informed and most importantly, he was amazingly passionate about his product, the BAMF.
The BAMF (which absolutely lives up to its name) is a clean, rustic feeling carry bag with one very important feature, MOLLE. No, not that kind of Molly, you degenerate. MOLLE, is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment, or as Jake so eloquently put it to me, “It’s basically an elastic-loop/ladder/Velcro system that provides people with real tactical purposes to customize their gear with the pouches and accessories they need for a particular mission.”
Tacticool golf bags Mollie
Before I get into my thoughts on my testing and dive deeper into what makes MOLLE so cool, let’s get through the basics real quick. The BAMF is a lightweight carry bag with a 14-way divider, a stand, a fixed ball pocket on bottom of the front and a fixed accessories pocket just above. The rest of the TactiCool Golf Bag is covered with MOLLE loops and velcro pads that allow you to utilize some of the various accessories that come with the various “modes” they offer. The “Low Drag” ($219) comes with the bag as-is, ready for play and total customization. The “Standard Mode” ($249) adds some MOLLE side pouches and a rain cover, that when outfitted, makes the bags a bit more traditional. Finally is the “Expeditionary Mode” ($469) which is the same bag as the Standard Mode, but adds a whole host (10 to be exact) of extra pouches, including a sunglass pouch, iPouch, foldout pouch, water bottle pouch and a velcro American Flag patch. It’s kind of the TactiCool approved starter pack of accessories, if you will.
As a quick aside, I think it’s relevant to elaborate on the flag patch in the Expeditionary Mode. While I know that the guys want to let the bag speak for itself, TactiCool Golf Bags is a company founded by United States Air Force Veterans, one of whom is still active-duty. This, honestly is what got me most excited about the bag, before I ever got my hands on it. These guy knows tactical gear, and MOLLE is a standard for tactical gear attachment. I mean, if you search Amazon, you’ll find that a majority of the MOLLE products offered are for law enforcement and military use. That knowledge of the product and passion that I talked about before is really crucial to the authenticity of the brand. These aren’t just a couple of hikers with a neat golf bag; these are two vets who have put this system to the test defending our country and incorporated the best of it into an incredibly tough and innovative product.
Tacticool golf bags accessories
Anyhow, moving on to the actual review portion of this, um, review, I liked the bag a lot. As with anything on the entire planet, there are a couple flaws, but overall I think that they are greatly outweighed by the positives that it brings to the table. I’ve played 5 rounds to date with the BAMF, and it’s worked its way in to being my main bag and I’ll tell you why.
Despite being designed and styled as a carry bag, this thing is versatile, and when decked out, carries more than my OGIO cart bag that it’s replacing. The options are literally endless. I tried a few different combinations of accessories before deciding on my final configuration. Then when I brought it to Bandon Dunes, I blew up my old final configuration in favor of a new final configuration. Then, when I got home, I blew up my new final configuration in favor of my new, new final configuration.
Tacticool golf bags cart
Its just got so many cool accessories, that I find myself just playing around with it and buying cool new stuff to attach to it on a weekly basis. I can even stick my gun holster conveniently next to the drink holder. Now, I don’t play golf with a weapon, but I can if I wanted to and it’s a surprisingly good illustration of how great this bag can be.
So what didn’t I like about the BAMF? A few things, but the big one is that it doesn’t function great on a push cart. It’s definitely not any worse than any other stand bag in this regard, but I was kind of bummed that the legs stick out awkwardly when you strap it up. On a riding cart, the bag sits just fine, but I would love to see them (or any bag company) address the issue with some velcro straps or something that you can use to keep it all together. I also had trouble, seeing as I’m built like a defensive tackle, with the backpack straps. They were a little small and not as adjustable as some other bags I’ve seen. These gripes are probably a little greedy, but when I’m spending multiple hundreds of dollars on a bag, I kind of want it to be perfect.

Pro’s of the TactiCool Golf Bag

  • Cool!!! You’ll get tons of looks and questions when you lug it around.
  • Lightweight, even when fully loaded as a cart bag.
  • Durable. The quality and craftsmanship is evident right out of the box.
  • Customizable. There are millions of possibilities with the BAMF.
  • Customer service is unbeatable. They are as attentive and knowledgeable as any company I’ve encountered.

Con’s of the TactiCool Golf Bag

  • The bag does not seat great on some push carts and the stand legs extend. In fairness, this is a problem with
    every stand bag I’ve owned.
  • The straps were a bit small for my broad shoulders, but I’m a big dude, and your mileage may vary.
  • The price point for the Expeditionary Mode might put it out of reach for some.

Relatively minor issues aside, this is an awesome golf bag that anyone should be proud to lug their shovels in. For my money, if I’m staring a lineup of carry bags, I’m choosing the BAMF and it’s not really close.

tacticool golf bags stand

It’s easy to review golf products in a vacuum, because when you don’t compare them to the competition, they all have some redeeming qualities. But I put the BAMF directly up against my other cart and carry bags and it outperformed them in almost all aspects. The MOLLE system is a real breath of fresh air in what is often a stale product, but for me, what I really love about TactiCool is that it’s owned by a couple of guys who are humble and hard-working. Not just for golfers, but for all Americans. They’re an honest-to-goodness small business, headed up by real good dudes.

Jake tells me that they’ve got some new products in the works, including some outside of golf. “Suffice it to say that we believe a lot of sporting industries are missing a tough, tactical sensibility. We know where those gaps are, and we’re going to infiltrate them.” If the BAMF is any indication, TactiCool Golf Bags are well positioned to shake up a lot of industries in the not too distant future. Check out all their products at their website: tacticoolcac.com!