Jeff Yurkiewicz: Hitting a Hybrid Golf Swing Tip

Hitting A Hybrid with Jeff Yurkiewicz

Jeff Yurkiewicz is the Head Golf Instructor at the Greyhawk Golf Club. ¬†Jeff has been around some of top players in the world at the Greyhawk Golf Club because the Costas/McCord Learning Center is right there on the property. In this golf tip, Jeff shows us how to hit a hybrid in different scenarios. For some, hitting a hybrid can be scary especially when you are not 100% confident in the club. Many of us have routinely hit the 3 iron or 2 iron, some even the 1 iron, for the long distance shots. What you don’t know, is the hybrid can be very beneficial for you to have in your bag in place of the 1 iron, 2 iron and 3 iron.

The hybrid is much easier to hit. They are much more forgiving on miss hits and they tend to go a lot further than your irons. When you come across a distance that Jeff is at, 220 yards, the hybrid allows you to hit the ball better, get it up in the air and ultimately make a better shot. In the scenario Jeff is teaching us, hitting a hybrid is a smarter play than hitting the 7 iron he would usually hit. Here’s how to become a solid hybrid player:

  1. Plumb the club down from your sternum to find the middle of your stance.
  2. Don’t let the ball get forward in your stance
  3. Hit down on the golf ball, compress it
  4. Swing the hybrid exactly like an iron

Jeff Yurkiewicz gives us a couple of different scenarios where the hybrid club can come in handy. Watch the video above to become a master with the hybrid. Remember the hybrid is very easy to hit. It goes high and it goes low. Use the club to your benefit!