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Golf Knickers: The Leader In Traditional Golf Apparel

We all remember the late, great Payne Stewart. Payne Stewart, for those who don’t know, he was a professional golfer that took the PGA Tour by storm with his over-the-top knicker outfits! In the late 80’s and early 90’s Payne Stewart was out on the golf course in his high knickers, argyle socks and golf cap winning PGA tournaments and Major Championships! He single handedly brought the traditional golf apparel to the forefront again in the golfing world! He made golf fun again! As for Golf Knickers, well they are the leader in traditional golf apparel and making a huge splash in the golfing world in 2016! Golf Knickers sent Golf Life an outfit of our choice to do a review on, so here we go!

Channel Your Inner Payne Stewart with Golf Knickers


If you go to you will see that they have 100’s upon 100’s of different styles, fabrics and colors to choose from for your knicker pants, argyle socks and golf cap! For starters, I wanted to find something that fit my golf life! My favorite color is blue so I had them ship over navy blue microfiber pants, navy blue and white argyle socks and a matching navy blue golf cap! At first, I really didn’t know what to expect from an outfit like this on the golf course. I’m part of the younger generation golfer, so seeing an outfit like this on the course would be a little weird at first and that is how I felt when I put it on for the first time! Immediately, walking out of the club house onto the putting green I had eyes on me! Within 5 minutes of wearing the Golf Knickers outfit on the putting green I had two people say “Love the outfit” and “Whoooo, those are some knickers on you!” In today’s golfing world, nobody, I mean nobody is wearing an outfit like the knickers on the golf course. Everybody is stuck in the conservative khaki pant and collared shirt look! So for a younger generation like myself wearing something like this on a high end golf course says a lot! Like I said, I felt extremely weird wearing this outfit, but after I got those first two compliments in the first 5 minutes, I knew Golf Knickers was onto something! I felt comfortable again! Later on, while in my round, a golf course employee came driving in on my tee shot! Before I tee’ed off, he told me “you better be a pretty good golfer to be wearing an outfit like that!” The moral of the story is an outfit like the Golf Knickers gets people talking and wondering what the “heck” is going on, which is a good thing!

What does Golf Knickers Have To Offer

Golf Knickers claims to be the world leader in traditional golf apparel. I can see how they are the world leader because they have more choices of knicker outfits to choose from than any other clothing apparel that I have seen! Let’s go through the different options of outfits!

Golf Knickers: Men

The men’s golf knickers come in several different types of fabrics and patterns to choose from. You can pick from the “Par 3” which is your standard solid color microfiber knicker, to your “Par 5” Limited Plaid Pattern or your Cotton Fabric, to your “Camo Series” and many more! many of these price points are from $108 – $325 depending on the fabric and pattern you choose!

Golf Knickers: Ladies

Right now, there are only two different designs for the ladies knickers. You can choose from the “Par 3” standard color microfiber or the “Par 5” Cotton/Ramie plaid knickers! Get these knickers from $108-$180!

Youth Knickers: Kids

They also have kids knickers! You can get the “Par 3” or the “Par 5” cotton/ramie plaid knickers! Get those knickers from $108-$180!

After you have picked your golf knickers color and pattern, now you have the ability to choose the socks, golf cap, sweaters, shirts, trousers, belts and bow ties! In doing so, you are creating your very own customized Golf Knickers outfit that fits your golf life! For those who have a hard time picking one by one making an outfit, they also provide you with the opportunity to purchase a complete set already made!

Overall Thought on the Golf Knickers

My overall thoughts on the Golf Knickers is this! While golf is becoming more and more of a serious game and quickly weeding out the “FUN” in it, there are still some very logical uses for the Golf Knickers! You can utilize these outfits in your charity tournament, corporate outing or just a nice day on the course with your buddies! I highly doubt that we will see players on the PGA or even the Champions Tour wearing outfits like these on a consistent basis so that is why the average golfer or the weekend golfer HAVE to start looking into apparel companies like this! Yes, I understand that some of the price points are a bit high, but you have to take into account what your are getting with an outfit like this! 1. You will stand out in the crowd! I guarantee on any given day, you will be the ONLY one wearing an outfit like this on the course. 2. People of all ages will look at your and give you compliments on a regular basis! And 3. Golf is a game and games are not to be so serious all the time! Start making golf fun again by wearing an outfit like the Golf Knickers! Go ahead and channel your inner Payne Stewart with the Golf Knickers! For more information on everything Golf Knickers, check out their website here! Filter through all the different styles and colors, hear what other people have to say about their knickers and take a virtual journey in their catalog!


Colton Little