NexBelt Golf Belts

The Future of Golf Belts: NexBelt

Golf and fashion go hand-in-hand! Well, fashion has now switched its focus to the golf belt! With the golf belt being the last thing we think about when we go play golf, NexBelt is changing that! NexBelt has created some of the most dynamic, versatile and creative golf belts on the market today! Golf Life stopped by their booth at the 2016 PGA Show to learn what all the hype was about! They have just come out with their new 2016 line and Golf Life wants to show you the story behind the belts!

If you haven’t heard of Nexbelt before, they are a company that has created a belt with no holes! Many belts today are poorly constructed and don’t have a very intriguing design to them! Instead of having holes in the belt that only allow to adjust every inch, they use a track system that allows you to size your belt every 1/4 inch! The great thing about these belts are that they can be interchanged from belt to belt. With the easy detachment system, you are able to creatively mix and match your belts with different belts and buckles! But the belt that really blows you away in their “Go In” Series. This belt buckle has a ball marker and bottle opener built into the buckle! See for yourself!

Check out our video above to learn more about this company, where you can buy your next belt and how you can buy it! Check out!