Fred Griffin Swing Tip

Improve Iron Play with this Swing Tip

Fred Griffin is the Director of the Grand Cypress Academy of Golf in Orlando, Florida. Griffin is responsible for all the golf instructional programs since it the Academy opened up in 1986.  He has worked with a lot of professionals and amateurs over the years and one thing that he emphasized with hitting your irons with consistency.

In this swing tip, he breaks down your iron swing into two easy steps.  The first step is to have your arm in a “waiter tray” position in your follow through swing. Your elbow should be as high as your shoulder, your hands close to your ear and your club shaft should align with your ears at finish. The second step is to finish on your front foot. Many times golfers try to stay back on their back foot after they swing, but having good weight transfer will help get solid contact and have a better direction to your golf swing.

Check out our swing tip above from Fred Griffin to learn more about improving your iron play. For more tips like this, check out our Swing Tips collection and start hitting the golf ball better than you ever have!