Bunker Tip with Sir Nick Faldo

Save Par with this bunker tip from Sir Nick Faldo!

We all know Sir Nick Faldo! He has been around the game for a long time.  Being a huge ambassador of the game of Golf both on the TOUR and commentating the TOUR, he has some knowledge that might help you when you get caught on the beach. The particular bunker tip comes from the Faldo Golf Institute in Orlando, Florida.

Sir Nick Flado explains that there is an easy way to gain more accuracy and consistency hitting from the bunker.  All you have to is draw a straight line in the bunker.  This straight line will act as the ball.  He teaches you to different strategies on how to have center face impact with the ball from three different lies.

Check out this informative bunker tip from one of the greats in the game of golf.  Be sure to check out more of our tips at our Golf Video Lesson Center