Swing Oil

Swing Oil

SwingOIL – this is not your ordinary sports performance beverage. SwingOil is a potent 3 oz drink supplement formulated for maximum performance on the links. Unliketypical energy drinks loaded in sugar and caffeine, swingOIL is loaded with mind and body sharpening nutrients – the three targets of better performance are: Strength (100 mg Taurine, 100 mg Citrulline Malate), Focus (100 mg Ginseng extract, 100 mg Rhodiola Rosea extract) and Flexibilty (100 mg Glucosamine, 50 mg Chondroitin, 40 mg Turmeric extract).

Initially, it was tough to tell how SwingOIL would affected my performance in pre-round warmups and out on the course . . .  but after several days of taking the product before and during rounds, I did notice a higher energy level and increased focus. Most of my golf is played in the afternoon after work, so fatigue and lack of focus has become a typical late in the day condition that was never a factor in my pre 40’s days. No longer is the back nine a crash, there’s some kick left to finish strong!

The taste of each flavor (Strawberry-Banana, Lemon-Lime, and Orange) is excellent, so rather than stock bottles of expensive pills of Ginseng, Turmeric, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, I much prefer to drink and enjoy my nutrients. At the moment, SwingOIL is being marketed as a golf specific supplement. . . but I’d recommend it for any athletic endeavor, and I won’t be surprised if it becomes the rage among professional athletes and weekend warriors everywhere.

Champions Tour player Kenny Perry, and current PGA Champion Jason Day use swingOIL regularly. Serve it on ice, freeze each pouch and go, or do as I like to and mix with water and a slice of lime. Either way you choose, you’re sure to get loose and swing smooth with swingOIL.

A case of swingOIL consists of 24 – 3 oz pouches (8 of each flavor). Each 24 Pack sells for $59 ($2.46 per each).

For more info: http://www.swingoil.com/

Jason  Bruno
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