Compare Turn vs. Coil in Your Golf Swing

Here is a great tip on Hip Turn vs. Creating Coil with your Hips and Shoulders in the backswing of you golf swing. A lot of us think that by making a deeper, longer turn we are creating power. But if you don’t take into account where you hip turn is in this process, you may be actually losing power and control in your swing. It is easy to take a good compact swing and make it much worse by trying to turn more. Also, I find critics of a more compact swing that may even be a bit inside, advising that you have a more vertical swing to create more turn. This of course can create a lifting and thus issues staying on plane or inside the ball.

The tip takes into account that many of us as we grow older in golf and life have trouble with our spine or back flexibility. If you are actually opening your hips in order to create a longer turn, you are in fact lessening your coil and thus less power with your core. The key to creating real power is to allow your core to work like a spring, where you load and unload to coil through your swing and thus transfer this energy to the shaft and create more club speed. This video tip shows the concept well.

Take a look at this great video on the topic that we located for you. It is from the How Did I Do Golf Academy which can be found here.