David Wright Golf Tip: Learn to Swing Freely by Changing Your Golf Grip

Golf Grip with Dr. David Wright

Golf Life visited the Wright Balance Golf School at Arroya Trabuca Golf Clup in Mission Viejo, California. We talked with Top Teacher Dr. David Wright and he gave us a great golf swing tip.

Dr. Wright conducted a three year golf research project in Dr. Frank Jobe’s Biomechanics Lab at Centinela Hospital in Los Angeles from 2004 thru 2007. He has been described by Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine as the “Balance Expert” and Golf Digest of Japan as the “Foremost Expert on Balance” and “…leader in balance instruction across all sports and industries.”

Let’s head out to the course where Dr. David Wright gives us  Golf Swing Tips that can help you swing the golf club more freely. The golf grip could be the death of your in terms of your swing! Find the right balance in your golf grip with Dr. David Wright!

Learn more about Dr. Wright Here.